;A Day Without Love is the solo project of Brian Walker. A Philly native, ADWL aims to tell a story about passion,pain,and survival. Walker sings his story independently as a solo artist and travels with the intent of telling a story through sing alongs and engaging the audience. ADWL has been featured in press publications such as AfroPunk,XPN, Paste Magazine and more

Towns and Venues Played: I have played 20 states and 85 towns and cities, below is a map of the places I have covered. Some highlighted events that stick out are as follows, Punk Island 2018, SXSW 2015, Roanoake DIY Fest 2019 and more.


Bands I Have Played With

I have played with a variety of local and touring acts ranging from Pocket Vinyl, Erin Fox and more. You can check an ever growing list of local and non local acts I have played with over the years at the Spotify playlist linked here

Contact Info

Email: adaywithoutlove@gmail.com

Social Media can be found at the buttons below