Day 10: College Park,MD

I didn't have much of lighting or phone power to take photos in College Park, MD. But I never met a group of such happy people in my life. Whytestone Creative Outcrop is a Burning Man themed house with a diverse group of people. At first I was not sure if I would fit in because of the music being played, but once I started playing I felt at home. Unfortunately I don't have photos, but I want to say thank you to everyone who got a record :) <3. 

Day 9: Washington DC

Came back to Commune 1605 for my 150th ADWL show and I felt like I was on an emotional rollercoaster of awesome. I love the Commune, what it does for the people of Washington DC and their affiliation with Food Not Bombs and Bryan Moore is a kind and awesome soul. Here are some pics of the evening. Ill be updating again when I get the better photos. ( There was a photographer on site)> Also special shout out to all the cool people who invited me to play out at their colleges and Robin and Michelle :) . 

The Meer started the evening off with a super tight set, they reminded me of The Smashing Pumpkins. 

Izzy basically stole hearts and created new fashion trends with his stickers all tour and this is just another photo of that happening . Proud of you buddy. 

Ryan Gibson reminded me of Pedro the Lion and Dave Matthews, good jams indeed. 

Here is a picture of me by Ron Akins on my 150th show rocking a Carytown Cupcakes shirt. I won't ever forget this day, and I am greatful for all the beautiful people who listened and got my records. 

Fruits and vegetables that were sorted for Food Not Bombs, I helped out a little bit but did more talking than helping, I won't lie but one day I want to do a concert and help out in Philadelphia. 

Day 7 and 8 : Virginia Beach and Richmond,VA

After an 11 hour drive from Nashville to Virginia Beach, my phone was dead for most of the day which kept me from taking photos of the show at Java Surf Cafe. We played an afternoon show to most of the staff and ate a great breakfast. Fortunately Wayne from Java Surf welcomed us back so we can probably set a show up for sometime in the summer during a weekend which is pretty cool! 

Java Surf's Sante Fe Bagel, I asked for no sourcream or avocado. I don't like creamy thick sauces especially white ones because of the cream and lactose bases so I couldn't do it. The bagel was good though :) 

This is Wayne the guy who booked me a show out in Richmond,VA. He talked about failure, owning a business and learning to have resilience while on tour which was pretty motivational. Thank you for getting my record. 

The next day we played at Crossroads RVA with Abby Rasheed. ( Abby is great and you should check her out. This photo was taken by Emma Sue a lifestyle blogger ( @A_writers_earth , food reviews @down2dish via twitter). Thank you for taking the photos :) . 

We went to Belle's Isle and looked at the turtles, historical signs, and other things it was chill, and then we had lunch at Carytown. 

I got a new tshirt for free from Carytown Cupcakes, if you ever play in Richmond get yourself some cupcakes and cold brew. Also I got some anime from Bits and Bytes and excellent tacos from Don't Look Back. 

Day 6: Nashville,TN

I will be honest Nashville was not great. My tourmates would say otherwise, but I didn't like it. The show got canceled over hockey and the promoter lied to me. I ended up busking and got weird stares by old dudes with Make America Great Again Hats and I think I was just in the wrong neighborhood of Nashville at all times. It was not very racially diverse and I didn't feel like I belonged there. The only good thing about Nashville was the food I tried. There were many talented musicians that I could appreciate, but still it was too country and not my vibe. There may be a day I play Nashville again, but I will be sure that the show will be more organized and not with someone who is flaky like this past promoter. People who do not respond to text messages or communicate clearly really annoy me, especially when it comes to situations where it involves plans.  I also was mad because we canceled North Carolina when we didn't have to because Nashville got canceled. I don't want to be negative but being there just put me in a bad vibe. I ended up getting a hostel and crashing and meditating to restart. But here are some photos of some cool food that I ate which was enjoyable about the city. 

 Peg Leg Porker was recommended by my friend Miles which was a treat :) <3 . 

Hattie B's was recommended to me by my friend Sara, which was lit, it was so spicy I had to take an asthma inhaler and couldnt finish both pieces. 


Jack's BBQ on Broadway was lit, you know why? CUZ MASHED POTATOES. Not enough BBQ places serve mashed potatoes, and they should. No explanation needed, they just should. 

Day 5 : Chicago,IL

Okay so to be honest I think Chicago would be the perfect city if it never was windy or cold. But I guess that would mean it can't be the Windy City right? I did not take as many pics because a photographer was there, but more photos will be updated soon, but overall the show was a good time. I am very thankful for Stephen welcoming us at The Lilypad. Here are a few highlights from the evening. 

Here is a fuzzy photo of Stephen Gilphin starting the evening. My android was near to pooping out but overall the show was a chill time. I got to meet a lot of my old Philly friends in Chicago and when I get the updated photos I will be sure to share this blog again. 

My wonderful foodie friend Stefanie came through and she got the record, later on we got a lot of food such as grilled cheese and communist soda. Pictured below. I will reupdate this post again when I get more photos. 

Day 5: Davenport,Indiana- Daytrotter Session

The first part of Day 5, we drove overnight from Indiana to do a Daytrotter session. We passed out in a Walmart parking lot and Dan pulled an all nighter for us and we started the day with Steak and Shake because we are in the Midwest. Here are some highlights from the Daytrotter session. To be honest this session was a dream come true, I truly never thought my music would get me to play in Iowa and I also never thought I would be able to do a Daytrotter session. 

Pictured here is a photo of me at The Daytrotter studio, I can't say when the session will be out, but lets just say I felt very much in my own element when I played. Thank you Ian for hosting me and talking to me about Davenport,Daytrotter and many other things music related. Recording to analog in a live setting was a dream. 


Why yes I did fanboy and take photos of the venue. 

Then we did the tour band tour thing, where you take a photo at the Daytrotter stage after you do a Daytrotter session. Maybe one day I will play at Daytrotter? Who knows, I will never know if I will join the cool kid hip kid club. I just wanna tell good stories to as many people as possible. 

Then Ian got a copy of my record and joined a part of my Friends and Albums collage, I felt honored :) Thanks Ian for getting a copy :) <3. 

Then we went to the Mississippi River, I got chills because I couldn't help but think of Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad. 

Then we went to the Mississippi River, I got chills because I couldn't help but think of Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad. 

Then we went to the Mississippi River, I got chills because I couldn't help but think of Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad. 

Day 4: Anderson, Indiana

Yesterday I played at The Nest in Anderson, Indiana. Not to be confused with The Nest from Philly. This place was a house of love, laughter and friendship. I'll never forget this town. A lot of acoustic acts played. I don't have the time to show all the acts but here are some highlights.  


For starters the house is called the nest because there is a birds nest on the front door. Which is super cool, here is a dope flyer of the show.  


I still don't know why the photos are sideways,  bur pictured here is Althea and Jeff. They are a married couple who hosted the house show and are rockstars. They were the kindest, got us a lot of pizza and I got to meet one of their friends who recorded a MoshpitTV session on YouTube. Stay tuned for that. I'll never forget Althea's words "stay real, make new friends, and don't stop singing." I wanted to cry but I didn't.  


Ultimately there were a lot of great acts and I got a lot of support. Peep my instagram and facebook page for more updates. I am extremely thankful. I am doing a Daytrotter session today.  

Day 3: Shelby, Ohio

We played in the most DIY house ever, The Melancholy house. The Melancholy House was a rebuilt home in small town Ohio that is being remade with plumbing, sound gear and many other things by two dudes Marshall and Ricky. I met some really cool people there and here are some highlights . All the photos uploaded sidewards on my phone, I will fix that when I get to a laptop haha.




To start the night we played with Hurricane Ditka ( It sucks the photo went sidewards, but they really really ripped. Marshall is the singer and the person who booked us.  



Izzy Grced the stage tonight and got new members of the Izzy selfie button club. Come to a show to find out. 


Dan the man (Dan Archambeau) may have taken one of my fav photos of myself ever. Thanks man and thanks to everyone who listened and got merch.   


Pool Boy ripped. For feels of modern baseball and old gray. Ben kept it real about the stories upon his songs and I enjoyed that. Check them out  


We ended the night at Dennys and took a nice homie pic thanks for the memories Marshall and Ricky . Next stop Anderson, Indiana.