90 Covers in 90 Days Cover Project: A Self-Critique and Moving Forward

90 Covers in 90 Days Cover Project: A Self-Critique


Hey everyone, I wanted to take the time to write about the project and what I will be doing as I continue to conduct my depression awareness campaign.

Campaign Updates

The Gofundme Campaign will end 46 days from now on January 12, 2016.  If you do not wish to fund our Gofundme, you can also purchase our music on Bandcamp ( http://adaywithoutlove.bandcamp.com/) where 50 percent of our sales will be going towards our campaign. You can also take advantage of our Black Friday sale this weekend where you can buy our entire discography for 40 percent off.


 I wanted to do 90 covers in 90 days for the following reasons:

1) I wanted to get better and learn other artist’s ways of songwriting no matter how complex or how simple. 

2) In efforts to spread awareness on my Depression Awareness Fundraiser with Erika’s Lighthouse. 

3) I needed to do something creative while on a show hiatus prior to recording and rewriting and rewriting LP1.

I believe that I am able to accomplish goals one and three, but I am not entirely sure whether or not I am accomplishing goal number 2.  (Note you can check out the 90 covers project here on Youtube).


Here are some possible reasons why my covers may be hindering my fundraising goals.

1) It may be possible that I am not achieving my goals because I am not nailing these covers as well as I would like to in the short amount of time that I am doing them.

2)  It is possible that the quality of the covers of themselves are too lo fi for people to look at. The days of songwriters posting YouTube videos in their bedrooms seems out of date and in some ways not as much as appreciated as a video that is professionally recorded and produced. I unfortunately don’t have the resources to do that so that would not allow me to reach the goals with this campaign in the way that I would like to.

3) Not to mention, the majority of the promotion of this campaign has been done online and if I was doing shows, I would be able to reach a larger audience.  

4) Maybe my fan base is not as large enough for me to achieve this goal. I do understand that there are some who may not exactly support crowdfunding.

5)  The selection of the songs I am covering may very well be the wrongs songs that I am choosing.

6)  Or I am completely wrong about all of things and I think way too much and am way too hard on myself. So what do I do from here?

Moving Forward

For the next 45 days I will be covering artists that I have played with, artists more local to the Philadelphia community, and artists that I aspire to play with. I will still take requests, but more than likely most of these requests will not be honored.

Sharing My Story

The second thing I plan on doing to move forward is to share something very personal with you; my experience with clinical depression.  I recognize that my record is about coping with depression and struggle and finding comfort in suffering, however many of you do not know about what my suffering is to begin with. I want to write this story to help people who have been in similar situations. I must also note that my story is not representative of all people who are depressed, and this will not be considered a self-help diary, but more of a short story about my emotional struggles.

Starting tomorrow for the next 45 days I will be writing daily entries about my experience with clinical depression and how I have come to terms with living with my issue. After the 45 days are over I will be compiling this novella to be self-published and released in electronic form with the record. 




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