Why Giving Up Is Not an Option

My grandfather is a 76 year old man who is having a severe battle with stage 4 lung cancer. He was diagnosed this June and has displayed a drastic change in his attitude and behavior. I have noticed he has lost his fight and motivation to fight this terrible disease. 

At the age of 15, I wanted to kill myself in front of my own high school, I was transported to my guidance counselor and admitted into counseling. My grandfather told me that "the problem with giving up on yourself is that you sacrifice your potential to do great things."

I repeated those same words to him 12 years later as he sits on his couch aching in pain not knowing if he would be given another day. 

I am not comparing my struggles with depression and suicide are the same to my those who are fighting cancer. However, I do believe that no matter what  what struggles you are going through there are two things that are certain. 

1) No one is promised the same things tomorrow that they are given today.  

2) You have no control of your future. 

These principles motivate me to not give up on myself. I promised to remind my grandfather of this everyday in hopes that he would be able to continue to come to terms with his condition in a positive light.

Dealing with this harsh reality is something that is difficult to cope with whether you are facing life or death. I believe that we need to recognize that our potential is the only thing we have to live for, because if we do not live our lives productively we may end our lives never knowing what we could have been. 

It is very difficult to watch the person who raised you give up on themselves. I believe that I was given this challenge to motivate my grandfather to continue to appreciate the life he does have, and to continue to keep his spirits high no matter what would happen to him. I am unsure of what will become of my grandfather, myself, friends or my music. But what I am certain of is, I can't give up on the things I love, because if I do, I may very well have given up on the idea that there is a possibility that I can do great things.

Don't give up on yourself, your loved ones, band mates, enemies or anyone . Everyone is fighting a battle that you may not be aware of and your helping hand may just be the start of being able to motivate someone to live to their potential. 


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