Pay It Forward: Local Band Problems

Okay so you are in a band, you have your music ready, you wanna have people listen to you, but what's wrong? Nothing is working out the way you want it too. What are some things you can do? 

In today's Pay It Forward post I wanna share five common Local Band Problems I think everyone can look to help themselves work as better musicians. 

1) Be Patient 

Rome was not built in a day, and neither did you. Writing your album, putting out your music, playing a show, should not be a race. Nothing about art should be a race no matter how immediate people want to get results or achieve something, always keep in mind that as fast as you rise will be as fast you fall. Hone your craft to where you want it to be and you will receive the results you desire no matter how large or how small. 

2) Don't Pigeonhole Yourself

In over saturated scenes ( such as Philadelphia where I reside) it's very easy to think that you should only be playing a show where larger bands are playing .  In the end of the day you should play music wherever you can be heard. Make sure to be wise to be strategic about where and how often you play, but make sure that you keep yourself playing with as many different kinds of bands and to as many people as possible.

Being the band/artist that plays with the same bands and people everyday yields stagnant results and will quite honestly keep you from being heard by many people. Yet of course if your goal is to only play music for fun and not to be heard, then by all means do what you want. 

3) Be Yourself 

It goes without saying, do not be a dick or rude. But in the end of the day be yourself and stay true to yourself. Stray away from trends, and sing with your heart. People will be more attracted to the truth than a fabricated trend. 

4) Get Better 

Always find ways to better yourself and your instrument. Take lessons, better your ear, sing harder songs. Put yourself through challenges. With this you can only make your band better and make yourself better. Put on a better show. When you are able to give yourself self respect to a craft you put yourself through challenges music does not only become more fun, but it becomes more rewarding. 

5) Don't Give Up 

Through every storm, bad break up, negative person you meet, stay resilient and never give up. Too many local bands start off, and break up too quickly and end up having to start at square one. Before you quit, always remember why you started. 


I always tell myself these five things everytime I pick up the instrument at everyshow, practice session or recording session and it's kept my head up. What keeps you going? 

Brian WalkerComment