LP1 Update / Checklist

Hey so in case none of you knew I have been working on LP1. I still am very close but yet very far to being ready to hit the studio. Here are a few things I need to do to get ready. 

1) Take Vocal Lessons

2) Track about 15 to 16 songs and pick 12 to 13 ( the rest of the songs will be released on a B Sides EP. 

3) Get a new guitar ( a telecaster preferably)

4) Develop a budget plan

5) Write and rewrite these songs with Bill 

6) Think about what musicians I want to collaborate with. 

7) Pray for the best. 

I am not the best musician. but I can not be any more thankful for your support, I can not wait to share LP1 with you. 

Brian WalkerComment