FAQs about The A Day Without Love Depression Awareness Campaign

There are 10 days left in my Depression Awareness Campaign in support of Erika's Lighthouse. You can donate here ( http://www.gofundme.com/adaywithoutlovelp) or share the link to spread the word. Here are some frequently asked questions in case you are hesitant about supporting our campaign. 

1)      Who or what is this campaign supporting?

Erika's Lighthouse, a non profit organization. The organization educate's communities about teen depression, eliminates the stigma associated with mental illness and empowers teens to take charge of their mental health. 

2) Why are you doing a fundraiser when I can just donate to Erika's Lighthouse

I wanted to start a fundraiser in efforts to spread my story about my experience with depression and struggle. If you donate you will be helping Erika's Lighthouse and receive my debut album, and if you donate over thirty dollars you will also receive a digital copy of my book, "I am Depressed, But I am Human Too." 

3) Why is your goal 2,000 dollars? 

The upfront cost of the record is 2,000 dollars ( mixing,tracking, mastering). I thought it would have been charitable to match the cost of the record to supporting and giving back. Although it is not required to reach this goal, it would be very helpful to Erika's Lighthouse in support of this cause. 

4) That sounds fishy, you sure this is not to support the funding of your record? 

No, originally I wanted to raise funds for my record, but I realized that would not have been helpful to the non profit. The cost of production of the record as well as my book greatly exceeds 2,000 dollars and I am personally investing in that myself. So I want to raise funds in support of Erika's Lighthouse since they support the mission and message behind this record. 

5) What exactly is the message behind your record? 

My first debut LP, Solace is about finding comfort in your own suffering. I am a person who has been diagnosed with clinical depression for the past 12 years and have been working through emotional recovery. In the past year I have lost my grandfather to lung cancer and have been going through a lot of emotional issues and changes. I wanted to write a record for people who feel that life has pushed them against a wall so that they have something to listen to to find a place of comfort. 

6) So why did you write a book? 

I believe that many albums tell the story about how a person is feeling in present time, I wanted to further expand my depression awareness campaign by writing about my personal experience with depression. I know that some people may not appeal to my music and I thought it would have been best to reach a wider audience by writing a book so that more people can be helped and understand my story. 

7) Will any of the funds from the book or album sales go to Erika's Lighthouse

If we do not reach our goal I will will work on donating a portion of sales to Erika's Lighthouse with an Erika's Lighthouse donation box. Depending upon the success of the record and book will determine how much we will be able to donate even if we do or do not reach our goal.

8) I hear you are a crazy person who is also doing 90 covers in 90 days? Why would you do something so foolish? Does that have anything to do with this campaign? 

I wanted to spread awareness to the campaign by doing 90 covers of local and mainstream artists via Youtube. I wanted to pay homage to many of the musicians I have played with and support the Philadelphia local scene. I also wanted to make myself better creatively by studying other peoples forms of songwriting. Other than that I thought it would have been a great way to spread awareness about what I am doing on a public platform other than Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 

9) What are you going to do if you do not reach the goal? 

I will write a letter to Erika's Lighthouse apologizing about not reaching the goal. I will still continue to work on the production of the record and the book and attempt to raise funds during tour dates until I reach the goal. 

10) What are your plans if you do reach the goal? 

I hope to host workshops to talk about depression in DIY spaces before shows, to talk about the importance of being aware about mental illness. I want to empower people to speak about their issues so that they become a voice for change and feel the need to know that they should be accepted. 

11) Will you still do these workshops if you do not reach the goal? 

That has yet to be determined, but will be based upon the success of the record and our ability to tour.

12) Where do I donate again? 

You can donate here or share the link at ( http://www.gofundme.com/adaywithoutlovelp ) 



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