Albums and Friends

Hello Everyone, 

I just received the first physical copies of Solace from Sounds and Tones records and I want to start a project I would like to call Albums and Friends. I want to recognize the first 100 people who buy physical copies of my first record by asking them to take a photo of them holding the album and writing about how they found out about the record or just writing about my relationship with them. The goal is to make a collage of the first 100 people who supported my most honest work and share that as a piece of art with other people. I am doing this to show that I am thankful for the support and to share the diversity of the different kinds of people who appreciate my art work. I never wanted to fit in one type of niche community and I always thought that my music can touch different kinds of people and I think by doing this I am showing that.

 Below is a picture of the first four people who have gotten a copy of the record and I will be doing update blog postings every 10 people. If you want to get a copy of the record feel free to place an order on http:// and I can ship you a copy which will arrive in 1 to 3 days. Or you can pick up a copy at a show and we can take a photo of you at the show! And if you know me personally, you kinda already know what to do! 



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