Staying True To Yourself and Not Holding Back

I think every artist goes through a problem when creating and releasing art. Questions arise such as "Will anyone listen to me?"/"What will people think if I talk about my problems?"/ "What if no blogs write about me?" I experienced that sort of insecurity for a very long time, I let people who collaborate with me tell me that I shouldn't talk about certain topics when writing about music. I have spent 28 years being told what I should be and how I should act, and I have spent 4 years with too many chefs in the kitchen. It is exhausting it's not to say I am not good at being in a band, but I've grown tired of having people tell me how to sound and how I should pave my way in songwriting or as a musician. So that is why I wrote my second full-length record, Diary. 

Diary is about reflecting on things in my life that I can't control. Unlike Solace where I wrote about finding peace within my own problems, I realized I failed to illustrate and address what those problems were through music. Not to be confused with a prequel I think DIary focuses on more current events and also shows growth and progress of who I am as a person and a musician. To be honest this might be the most politically and mentally charged record I have written when it comes to being honest and true. I challenged myself to write five songs on the topics of Depression and Suicide Recovery, Socioeconomic Inequality and Privilege, Racism, The Lack of a Love Life(yes I am 28 and never been in love (boo hoo me #sarcasm, but really I never loved anyone or been love romantically its weird right? cuz like A Day Without Love and that's literally me? lol oh anyways that's why this is in parentheses), Friendships and Faith in God. As a result, I used three songs from my back catalog and wrote 45 songs but only 23 songs made the record. The record clocks in at 1 hour and 4 minutes. Unlike my previous records, this is the first record I tracked, mixed and mastered. I did this for a few reasons. Primarily I wanted to capture the idea of writing an actual diary, diaries are typically written by one person and I think it would not have been justified if I wrote this record with the help of other people. Second I wanted to pursue writing my first acoustic record as most of my records are all full band ( minus my first single and Songs for the Lonely which actually has an electric guitar). And lastly and I say this with humility, I am currently at the lowest level of financial security in my life, so this was all I could afford so I wanted to make music in the most minimalistic way possible. So I created a lo-fi live performance acoustic record discussing Racism, Mental Illness, Socioeconomic Struggles, Friends and Faith and it is my Diary. A Diary of struggle and a diary of hope. This is me at my most unhinged and unedited self and in some ways, I know its risky. 

I have already played a few songs from the record in a few sessions via Youtube and Daytrotter check them out, but for now, the record will be coming out in 2018. All tracking, mixing, and mastering is done I just need to work on album art, press, and booking a tour. I am not going to be doing a Patreon or a Gofundme, but if you would like to help this record come alive in the best way possible I ask that you either donate to me via Venmo or Paypal ( Venmo: Brian-Walker-45/ Paypal: or purchase a record on the site here under merch or via Bandcamp





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