Session with Matones Music and The Story Behind Nonsense and Birthday

I came to Matones Music to record two songs that will be on my upcoming full length Diary. Check out the videos here and learn more about two of the songs that will be on my upcoming record. Also if you want to support my traveling and story telling endeavors sign up for my Patreon here ( 


Nonsense was written when I visited an old friend and I met their high school friends and they referred to me as "Black Brian." Not only did they refer to me as "Black Brian" they incessantly continued to describe me and remind me about the fact I was black. Keep in mind these were the same kind of white people who go to #blacklivesmatter marches and claim they are part of the antifa on the weekends. My friendship with this old friend felt like it was based on a lie because many of our conversations were based on activism, fairness, and inequality and meeting their friends made me feel like I wasn't worth anything except for the color of my skin. I confronted them about whether I was their first black friend and it turned out after 25 years of their life I was the only black person they ever socialized with or even considered a friend despite their beliefs for equality. After not being this persons friend anymore I realized I know and have met a lot of people in my life who are hypocritical about their actions and belief systems regarding equality. There are a lot of people who preach equality but practice bigotry or their social lives don't reflect inclusion. So that is what inspired Nonsense. I definitely hope you enjoy it, and maybe it brings some light to your life or people you know . No one likes the social justice warrior who doesn't live a life of equality and inclusion, that's just "Nonsense."



Birthday was written on my 26th birthday, which was my first sober birthday in 8 years.  I realized I spent much of my birthdays on destroying myself and escaping the fact that I was given another year to live. Since I have given up drinking, I wanted to start writing music and seeing my own life in a more positive light. Birthday is about reflecting on self hatred, but realizing I am happy that I no longer have to life my life drinking myself from reality, 

Birthday and Nonsense will be on my upcoming record Diary next year in 2018, stay tuned for pre order information and support my Patreon to help me develop more creative content!

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