2017 A Year in Review: Growth, Change, and New Perspectives

2017 was a weird year, but I can definitely say it was a year I learned to become more honest with myself. I learned to see what relationships mattered in my life. What sort of people I want to play music with and genuinely finding out who your true friends are. I could think of a number of events that allowed me to open up these doors, from traveling, being robbed, to even seeing peoples reactions to Solace, but 2017 was a year of transition. 

I am very thankful to have been housed and welcomed in so many venues, art spaces and houses this year and to experience travel. As a result of these experiences I got to look at my own self and see what I am capable of and where I can pursue my dreams of music. I think I am ending 2017 more confident and more willing to be vulernable in telling my story and desire to help others. 

You can expect me to host more meet up events, create more content where I get to share my experiences as a songwriter. I will be working on collaborations and EPs and I will still travel. I did not want to make this blog entry too long, but thank you for anyone who has subscribed to my Youtube Channel, donated to the Patreon, bought a record, bought merch or continues to listen, every single one of you is a part of making my dream come true. That dream is telling a story of rising above adversity and inspiring others to know that they too can overcome their personal struggles. 

New single coming soon January 19th 

First show of the year January 14th at Kung Fu Necktie 

Next show on February 16th at a house in North Philly ! 

I won't be touring until April ! 

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