5 Apps That Make Touring More Efficient

Hey, I  am on a mini break for about a week and I wanted to write a blog post about some websites that have helped touring a little bit more efficient. If you don't wanna read the article here's the list 

1) Parkopedia 

2) Airbnb/Couchsurfing

3) Grubhub/Ubereats 

4) Lyft/Uber

5) Google Spreadsheets 


1) Parkopedia - When I was on tour with Kate Dressed Up we were looking for parking and noticed many lots were really expensive. I used Parkopedia to find the most cost effective way to find parking within a radius that I set. Lo and behold we found some pretty cheap parking in the town that we went to, and some free parking too. For touring artists who tour we can all agree using an app like this can definitely save a lot of money. 

2) Airbnb/ Couchsurfing - Shit happens, venues get busted, houses might seem really unsafe, maybe you really suck at planning places to stay? But you know what two apps are really friendly to groups and solo musicians? Airbnb and Couchsurfing. If you are a traveling musician you are going to be in situations where neither the promoter , local bands, or fans can host you. So I heavily suggest you plan accordingly when using this, because no one likes to sleep in a van especially during extreme weather conditions. Confirm at least 24 hours that your place of stay is confirmed and of course confirm either a free couchsurfing location or an airbnb that can range as low as 20 dollars in your next town or city you will play in. 

3) Grubhub/Ubereats- If I am not making the anarchy/anti capitalist punks mad already, well this one may make you more angry. I am not a fan of Uber as a company, but Ubereats is a great way to get some free food. Here is a lifehack. If one of your bandmates installs ubereats, then downloads a free coupon you can use the 10 dollars they give you on your first order+ whatever the cost of your coupon to get free food delivered to you! One time I ordered 40 bucks worth of free food, tipped my driver and then rationed it for the rest of a three day tour. So take that in consideration and if you have multiple band mates, you can do that multiple times, and literally break bread and share the wealth. Grubhub is also very good for when you need food and dont want to waste gas to drive around town and can help with the munchies especially if your band may be too tired or inebriated to get food. 

4) Lyft/Uber- I don't think this really needs much explanation, but for the bus traveling folk, this is a life saver and if you do your research coupons are all over the place for cheap rides. I am of the lyft persuasion but still ridesharing apps definitely help. Same with ride rental apps for car rentals. 

5) Google Spreadsheets- Use this as a checklist to calculate your gas mileage, where to play, and literally keep track of all your shows and to cross your ts and dot your is. I use this when I need to contact bookers and other local accts to make sure things are in alignment. If you don't use this, then well.. hopefully you are organized some other way! 

There are many other apps you could use, but these are just a few suggestions to make traveling just a little bit easier. Hope everyone is doing well in 2017 :) 





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