Day 2-Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh was tight. We explored the city before we got there and tried out a lot of foods. I played with Tim Vitullo Band and Strange Monsters at Cattivo. It was a small evening since the Pens played, but it was a good night anyways. Here are some highlights. 


When we got into town we tried a restaurant called Smoke, it was a taco and barbecue spot. I had two tacos ( brisket and pork) with a brocollini dish with corn and chicken. It was really really delicious. Also the touring drummer of The Devil Wears Prada was our server which was pretty cool. 

Then I went to my first Rolled Ice Cream spot and it was literally amazing. It was a risk though, because I am lactose intolerant. 

Then we played a tight gig at Cattivo and Don Strange of Strange Monsters got my record. It was really really tight. I am very thankful for his support and to hear his tunes. Feel free to check out his record at 


 Then we went to my friend Brooke's house to sleep and I made burgers for the family with tomatoes, shallots and mozarella. It was tasty :) <3 . Izzy and Dan enjoyed them.

Then we stopped at the Point it was fucking beautiful. I also cooked breakfast and stopped at a local diner, but I didn't wanna show more pictures. Hahah. 

Then we got to Ohio, and tonight I am playing my first Ohio gig at The Melancholy House with some sweet people. Stay tuned tomorrow for highlights. 


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