Day 3: Shelby, Ohio

We played in the most DIY house ever, The Melancholy house. The Melancholy House was a rebuilt home in small town Ohio that is being remade with plumbing, sound gear and many other things by two dudes Marshall and Ricky. I met some really cool people there and here are some highlights . All the photos uploaded sidewards on my phone, I will fix that when I get to a laptop haha.




To start the night we played with Hurricane Ditka ( It sucks the photo went sidewards, but they really really ripped. Marshall is the singer and the person who booked us.  



Izzy Grced the stage tonight and got new members of the Izzy selfie button club. Come to a show to find out. 


Dan the man (Dan Archambeau) may have taken one of my fav photos of myself ever. Thanks man and thanks to everyone who listened and got merch.   


Pool Boy ripped. For feels of modern baseball and old gray. Ben kept it real about the stories upon his songs and I enjoyed that. Check them out  


We ended the night at Dennys and took a nice homie pic thanks for the memories Marshall and Ricky . Next stop Anderson, Indiana.  

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