Day 5 : Chicago,IL

Okay so to be honest I think Chicago would be the perfect city if it never was windy or cold. But I guess that would mean it can't be the Windy City right? I did not take as many pics because a photographer was there, but more photos will be updated soon, but overall the show was a good time. I am very thankful for Stephen welcoming us at The Lilypad. Here are a few highlights from the evening. 

Here is a fuzzy photo of Stephen Gilphin starting the evening. My android was near to pooping out but overall the show was a chill time. I got to meet a lot of my old Philly friends in Chicago and when I get the updated photos I will be sure to share this blog again. 

My wonderful foodie friend Stefanie came through and she got the record, later on we got a lot of food such as grilled cheese and communist soda. Pictured below. I will reupdate this post again when I get more photos. 

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