Day 6: Nashville,TN

I will be honest Nashville was not great. My tourmates would say otherwise, but I didn't like it. The show got canceled over hockey and the promoter lied to me. I ended up busking and got weird stares by old dudes with Make America Great Again Hats and I think I was just in the wrong neighborhood of Nashville at all times. It was not very racially diverse and I didn't feel like I belonged there. The only good thing about Nashville was the food I tried. There were many talented musicians that I could appreciate, but still it was too country and not my vibe. There may be a day I play Nashville again, but I will be sure that the show will be more organized and not with someone who is flaky like this past promoter. People who do not respond to text messages or communicate clearly really annoy me, especially when it comes to situations where it involves plans.  I also was mad because we canceled North Carolina when we didn't have to because Nashville got canceled. I don't want to be negative but being there just put me in a bad vibe. I ended up getting a hostel and crashing and meditating to restart. But here are some photos of some cool food that I ate which was enjoyable about the city. 

 Peg Leg Porker was recommended by my friend Miles which was a treat :) <3 . 

Hattie B's was recommended to me by my friend Sara, which was lit, it was so spicy I had to take an asthma inhaler and couldnt finish both pieces. 


Jack's BBQ on Broadway was lit, you know why? CUZ MASHED POTATOES. Not enough BBQ places serve mashed potatoes, and they should. No explanation needed, they just should. 

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