Day 7 and 8 : Virginia Beach and Richmond,VA

After an 11 hour drive from Nashville to Virginia Beach, my phone was dead for most of the day which kept me from taking photos of the show at Java Surf Cafe. We played an afternoon show to most of the staff and ate a great breakfast. Fortunately Wayne from Java Surf welcomed us back so we can probably set a show up for sometime in the summer during a weekend which is pretty cool! 

Java Surf's Sante Fe Bagel, I asked for no sourcream or avocado. I don't like creamy thick sauces especially white ones because of the cream and lactose bases so I couldn't do it. The bagel was good though :) 

This is Wayne the guy who booked me a show out in Richmond,VA. He talked about failure, owning a business and learning to have resilience while on tour which was pretty motivational. Thank you for getting my record. 

The next day we played at Crossroads RVA with Abby Rasheed. ( Abby is great and you should check her out. This photo was taken by Emma Sue a lifestyle blogger ( @A_writers_earth , food reviews @down2dish via twitter). Thank you for taking the photos :) . 

We went to Belle's Isle and looked at the turtles, historical signs, and other things it was chill, and then we had lunch at Carytown. 

I got a new tshirt for free from Carytown Cupcakes, if you ever play in Richmond get yourself some cupcakes and cold brew. Also I got some anime from Bits and Bytes and excellent tacos from Don't Look Back. 

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