Day 9: Washington DC

Came back to Commune 1605 for my 150th ADWL show and I felt like I was on an emotional rollercoaster of awesome. I love the Commune, what it does for the people of Washington DC and their affiliation with Food Not Bombs and Bryan Moore is a kind and awesome soul. Here are some pics of the evening. Ill be updating again when I get the better photos. ( There was a photographer on site)> Also special shout out to all the cool people who invited me to play out at their colleges and Robin and Michelle :) . 

The Meer started the evening off with a super tight set, they reminded me of The Smashing Pumpkins. 

Izzy basically stole hearts and created new fashion trends with his stickers all tour and this is just another photo of that happening . Proud of you buddy. 

Ryan Gibson reminded me of Pedro the Lion and Dave Matthews, good jams indeed. 

Here is a picture of me by Ron Akins on my 150th show rocking a Carytown Cupcakes shirt. I won't ever forget this day, and I am greatful for all the beautiful people who listened and got my records. 

Fruits and vegetables that were sorted for Food Not Bombs, I helped out a little bit but did more talking than helping, I won't lie but one day I want to do a concert and help out in Philadelphia. 

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